Action in Business International


Who We Are

Our company has been operating, world wide, for fifteen years. We have clients in almost every area of the world and our professional staff have worked in over 20 countries, spread across Europe, the Middle East and Asia. From our original offices in London, England, we are proud to bring our expertise and commitment to the region through our offices in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates.

ABI firmly believe that Management is a profession, and it should be approached as such. Our long-term priority is to assist our clients to identify the abilities, develop the awareness and raise the performance of their managers by delivering professional content in a professional manner.

Business for us is a partnership. We bring our presence to you, sit with you, understand your needs and then partner with you in exploring solutions. You own the process throughout, and ABI will remain with you up to, if required, a final skills transfer phase wherein we equip your own staff to carry on the growth.

All of our solutions are developed with you and for you, and you will own the process throughout.

Come In! Look around! We are in the business of making your bottom line look better, quicker, by improving the quality of your resources, and by assisting you in every facet of your individual and corporate growth.