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You have the people, you’re just not sure that they are the right people in the right place. They may be working well – but you are wondering if they could work better? You need help to identify the most direct route to maximising potential.

Benefits of Development Centres:

  • Assists in Manpower and Succession Planning
  • Highlights individual and corporate Development Needs
  • Streamlines Career Planning
  • Reduces staff turnover
  • Targets Learning and Development Solutions
  • Provides a template for individuals and solution providers

You Need:

  • Qualified and experienced Assessment staff
  • Designers and facilitators with Operations as well as HRD backgrounds
  • A wide selection of tools and interventions for you to choose from
  • The commitment to excel, in-house and from your solution providers

Our Role:

ABI, drawing upon our senior managers and international, fully accredited Associates, can reduce the costs of your growth by up to 600%.

In just four days you can replace “opinion” with objective data, and you will own a clear blueprint to real, targeted growth throughout your organisation.

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“It can cost up to six times more to recruit new staff than to develop the people you have”

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