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Anyone can be creative; it is not just for ‘artists and poets’.

World-class influencers such as Handy, De Bono and Buzan have proved repeatedly that creativity can be taught, and De Bono’s work is currently being used to teach Creative Thinking to over 350,000 people worldwide.

Benefits of Creative Thinking:

  • Reduced new concept lead time
  • Wider range of goods & services
  • Lower product costs
  • Higher quality of decision-making
  • Opening of new markets
  • More accurate problem solving
  • Improved all-round performance

Your Needs:

  • Practical tools to aid creativity
  • Proven techniques for teams and individuals
  • Qualified and Licensed facilitators to design and deliver the material

Our Role:

As licensed providers of over 200 validated instruments of analysis, and experienced practitioners of the techniques of Creative Thinking, ABI can guide you through this profitable investment.

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“The illiterates of the future will not be those who cannot read and write but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn”

Alvin Toffler