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Coaching & Mentoring

There is a scale that ranges from “Therapist” at one end to “Mentor” at the other. It moves from Therapy through each of “Counselling”, “Teaching”, “Training” and “Coaching” before it reaches Mentoring. Each stage is different, and each has unique needs for it to be successfully managed.

Benefits of Coaching/Mentoring:

  • Rapid Information sharing
  • Faster integration time of new promotions or recruits
  • Increased motivation and retention of the best people
  • Support for manpower & succession planning
  • Added value for previous learning & development
  • Enhanced commitment from Line & Operational managers

You Need:

  • Experienced coaches and mentors, with credibility at senior levels
  • Clear plans, with measurable objectives
  • Cultural understanding and sensitivity at the highest levels

Our Role:

With experience gained in the boardroom and on the battlefield, ABI can supply the level of support you need, both for identifying the best route forward and in supplying the resources to follow that path.

Our facilitators have worked at the sharp end of business and understand the need for bottom line contribution. They can help you to deliver the promises you made, to yourself as well as your organisation.

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“Youth is when you blame all your troubles on your parents; maturity is when you learn that everything is the fault of the younger generation”

Harold Coffin